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Indoor Activities in and Around Banff

While Banff is known for its breathtaking natural treasures and great outdoors, there are plenty of indoors activities to enjoy and that will still guarantee you of a great time. Whether you are looking for some action packed fun or something a bit more relaxed, the list of indoor activities to do in Banff will surely not disappoint you. To get a good picture of what to expect, here is what you can do if you are planning to spend your time indoors during your vacation in Banff.

Enjoy movies at the theater

If you are a big fan for movies, luck is certainly on your side as Banff has a vibrant theater scene where you can see some of the latest films while enjoying a nice bowl of fresh popcorn. Whether you prefer to watch your movie in the evening after a long day of outdoor excitement or during a cold winter afternoon, the cinema offers flexible times to suite people with different schedules.

Visit museums and historic sites

Banff has a rich history and offers several attractions to visitors who are interested in learning about the history of the area. Key among these attractions includes several museums and historic sites. You can visit these attractions and get to know about the history of the people, the development of the park systems, the wildlife as well as important events that contributed to the growth of the town.

Indoor Sports

For those that are more inclined towards sports, Banff has an enthusiastic sporting community that embraces all kinds of sports. The Banff Recreational center offers a host of indoor sport activities that range from ice hockey, ice skating and curling to swimming, squash and wall climbing. You can take part in these sports as an active participant or a spectator. Either way, indoor sports in Banff offer enough entertainment for everyone.


If you are the kind of person that likes to have a good time, bowling is one of the indoor activities that might pique your interest. The Banff Springs Bowling Center is one of the places you can visit and master the art of rolling a bowling ball while you enjoy other entertainment activities such as video games, pool and interest services. It's the perfect place to have a blast with friends or family.

Family entertainment

Banff offers lots of travel opportunities to be enjoyed by all kinds of vacationers, those on vacation with family are certainly not excluded. Among the many places that offer something exciting to do to people of all ages, the Douglas Fir Resort offers great entertainment for the entire family. Giant water slides and public pools will delight the kids to some unforgettable fun, while parents can have a good work out at the fitness center.