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Dinning in and Around Banff

Banff is a fantastic destination in all aspects, and the food scene is certainly not excluded. To get a good picture of what Banff has to offer when it comes to dining options, all you have to do is take a walk through Banff Avenue and explore the various eateries that are dotted throughout the downtown core of the town. You will find numerous eateries, pubs, steakhouses, fast food joints, fine dining restaurants, coffee shops, as well as candy and confectionery establishments all waiting to delight you to a gastronomic experience like no other. Whether you are looking for a family friendly place to eat or an affordable restaurant to have a good hearty meal, you can be sure of finding something that will match your preference.

However, Banff offers unique dinning experiences that you would not find in any other place. Enjoy a good meal in spectacular surroundings at Three Ravens restaurant which boasts of stunning mountain views or at Waldhaus restaurant that offers great views of Bow Valley. For something a bit more grandiose however, experience mountain summit dinning at the Banff Gondola restaurant and enjoy a lovely meal as you savor panoramic views of the Canadian Rockies.

Besides the varied dining options and experiences that Banff has to offer, the town's eateries offer diverse menu options that would satisfy just about any craving. From Asian to European to Mexican to Continental cuisine, the culinary diversity that Banff's restaurants have to offer ensures that you will get to experience traditional fare from various ethnic dishes from around the world. Therefore, whether you long for some Italian tapas or some Japanese sushi or perhaps some of Banff's rocky mountain steak, you can be sure that the food scene in Banff will offer an experience like no other.