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Cultural Activities in and Around Banff

Banff is probably best known for its amazing natural wonders that enable visitors to enjoy thrilling outdoor activities throughout the year, but the town also has lots to offer to those that like to experience and learn about the culture of different travel destinations. With its thriving performing arts scene, year round festivals and a wide array of art galleries and museums, Banff's cultural scene does not fall short of options when it comes to offering different cultural experiences. To make the most out of the cultural offerings that the town has to offer, here are some of the activities that you might want to pursue during your cultural expedition to Banff.

Get to Experience Banff's Performing Arts and Entertainment

As aforementioned, Banff has a vibrant performing arts scene that celebrates and showcases the town's culture through different forms of art. From live music to dramatic films to dynamic onstage dance performances, there is something to suite different tastes. For a mix of the native and foreign cultures that enrich Banff's cultural diversity, make sure to visit The Banff Center, one of the major performing arts institutions in the area that hosts shows presented by local and international artists.

Visit Cultural Sites

For those that are after a more engaging activity, a visit to some of Banff's cultural sites would be a great way to not only experience the culture of the area but to learn something as well. There are plenty of museums and art galleries to visit and guides are always available to help visitors learn about the cultural heritage of Banff which has been preserved for decades. Take a trip to one of the many galleries or museums within the area and get to see exhibits of native aboriginal and contemporary artwork as well as interesting collections of artifacts that are of cultural significance. Whether your interest is in visual arts or different forms of craft, there are lots of interesting and diverse pieces of artwork to be seen.

Attend Cultural Festivals

Banff's calendar of events is filled with lots of festivals that offer different cultural experiences to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. From outdoor music concerts to community festivities to annual fiestas and global events, there is always something happening in Banff. However, if you are after the very best that the town has to offer, the following annual events are a must attend if you ever happen to be visiting when they are being held.

Banff Mountain Film Festival: The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an annual event and is usually held in autumn, late October to early November and it portrays the unique mountain and sporting culture of Banff through motion pictures. Attend the festival and witness some of the best films shot by passionate thrill seekers in the stunning setting of the Canadian Rockies and get inspired to plan your own adventurous expedition.

Banff Mountain Book Festival: The Banff Mountain Festival also runs through autumn and is almost held at the same time as the Banff Mountain Film Festival. The festival depicts the mountain and sporting lifestyle of the town through literature and pictorial presentations. Come and see Banff's best writers present their best work as they contest for the top spot during the competitions which feature at the festival.

Banff Summer Arts Festival: At the height of summer's excitement, the Banff Summer Arts Festival is held from June to August and it provides a platform where artists and performers from all walks of life meet in one event to celebrate art and culture. Experience the magic of meeting people from different backgrounds and witness grand performances presented through all forms of art.

Banff World Media Festival: Another summer highlight not to be missed is the Banff World Media Festival, Banff's primer global media event that recognizes and rewards the very best that make a significant impact to international media. The festival occurs in June and is worth attending if you are the kind of person that loves to stay abreast with current trends in international media.

Homegrown Art: The annual Homegrown Art exhibition presents artwork crafted exclusively by local artist and runs through the better part of March. Come and see for yourself the thriving talent of local artists in the Bow Valley-probably the most authentic experience that you can get of Banff's local culture and arts.